About Me

My name is Ben Kaminski. I am the owner of Web Solutions Services, LLC and provide consulting and design services to clients around the world. I have experience working on projects of all sizes whether it be part of a team or on my own. I truly enjoy this field and the challenges it brings, that is part of the reason why I maintain this blog.

What started out as a hobby back in the late 90’s quickly became a passion. Once I learned the basics of HTML (using Adobe Page Mill), I had my first website up within days. The notion of owning a piece (albeit small) of the enormously vast internet was captivating. I had to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Ben Kaminski of

Over the years I learned numerous skills from various mentors and friends. Those of which, shared their knowledge with me — free of charge — and for that I am extremely thankful. During my college years a computer science course was difficult to find and I had other agendas (*cough* rock stardom *cough*). Therefore much of my knowledge has come from those few who got me started in the right direction.

I maintain this blog to inform and share my knowledge to help others find their way in website development. I attempt to research as best I can — the topics I share — to make sure there aren’t already tons of duplicate articles out there. That being said, my topics are very specific. Mostly dealing in WordPress development but sometimes I run into other issues I find interesting. Right now — responsive, mobile first website design is at the top of my list.

I am available for hire — contract to full time. Please contact me for more details.

My areas of specialization are HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, Responsive website design, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, W3C compliance, Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, E-Commerce solutions, Graphic Design (Photoshop, Illustrator), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), managed Google AdWords ad campaigns, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, Data Backups, Social Media marketing, Digital video editing, digital audio composition, corporate logo design, debugging, and much more. Whew!

I enjoy the problem solving process. I hope those of you that are searching for answers find them here and I thank those that take the time to contact me or leave a comment. Thanks as always for visiting.

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