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Tutorial: WordPress Theme Customizer and Bootstrap 3 Image Carousel… Who needs plug-in’s?

10-11-2015 by

Hello all. First and foremost, let me apologize for my extended hiatus from updating my blog. To say I have been busy in the last year would be an understatement. Anyhow, enough about me. I found this really cool way to give your client the ability to update their Bootstrap 3 image carousel using the […]

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Responsive Website/Theme Preview Tutorial: Showcase Your Websites Responsiveness to the End User.

11-30-2014 by

If you’re a website designer, WordPress Theme Developer, or other responsive website theme creator… I think you will find this tutorial helpful and easy. We have all seen on the “theme websites”, a header bar with the ability to change the viewport size of the screen by clicking usually an icon that resembles the device […]

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Responsive CSS3 / HTML5 Video Background In div No Javascript Needed!

05-26-2013 by

I needed a HTML5 video background to appear as the header on my web page. Did I mention that the page was responsive (Bootstrap) and the video needed to scale to width without destroying the aspect ratio, oh and that the containing div has a FIXED HEIGHT!!! Yeah, fun stuff considering I had never attempted this before. So, with some HTML5 and CSS3 trickery… I was able to accomplish this without having to use JavaScript at all! I mean, isn’t that the point of HTML5?

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