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My name is Ben Kaminski...

> I have a passion for this web development && web application stuff.

>> Decades of experience in web programming and front-end design.

>>> Coding is my art, lifestyle choice, and creative outlet.

Ben Kaminski

Ben Kaminski
Photo Credit: Ben Kaminski

This is Who I am:

My name is Ben Kaminski. I design, program, and maintain websites and web applications across the globe. I have over 20 years experience working in the field of internet technology and infrastructure. I can help you or your company achieve web technology goals and solve existing issues. I am a trusted, relied upon developer that can get things done quickly and effictively. I am also an experienced technology consultant that can help your company utilize cost effective technology solutions.

Find out more about my history of programming and design by clicking on the button below.

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Recent Articles:

Real quick solution here to making random Bootstrap modals work as pop-up CTA’s for your website. If you’re creating a WP theme, it’s best to include this as a template “part” so it can be easily edited. You could also choose to call in a page “part” via conditional logic in the footer using the […]

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As promised in a previous blog post — Dr. Steven Greer has finally released the documentary titled “The Cosmic Hoax: An Exposé” just hours ago. This is the documentary we’ve all been waiting for disclosing the ufo secret that has been ongoing for almost a century. Please share this video far and wide across the […]

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In a strange turn of events, “ThirdPhaseMoon” on YouTube was able to obtain an exclusive interview with Luis Elizondo’s attorney, Daniel Sheehan and they discuss the differences between the two (Greer and Elizondo). While this video leaves much to the imagination — especially coming from an attorney who is pre-programmed to talk in double-speak — […]

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Dr. Steven Greer announces a special UFO Disclosure event to help spread the truth about UFO’s ahead of US Government planned UFO Disclosure announcement by the United States Government.   According to the video, Dr. Greer proclaims that the US government has… “deceptive plans, to use man-made UFOs to present an existential threat to the […]

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Well, not really a battle per se, more of a camaraderie or working relationship. Back in 2015 I wrote a similar tutorial on how to do this with the WordPress theme customizer… Any-who… one day I was thinking. Wouldn’t it be great if you could utilize the Bootstrap 4 Carousel with your latest WordPress blog […]

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