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Remove MYSQL from mac snow leopard 10.6x

Remove MYSQL from mac snow leopard 10.6x

January 2nd, 2011



First of all, big thanks to the people over at for finding this gem. I had been searching for countless time for a way to completely remove MYSQL from my apple computer that is running snow leopard or OSX 10.6X.

Having problems starting the MYSQL engine?

I found multiple solutions that do most of the work, but missing one crucial step that was able to grasp. So, I figured I would quickly combine the two for a short, easy reference.

To completely remove MYSQL from your mac running osx 10.6 (snow leopard) perform the following tasks in TERMINAL:

sudo rm /usr/local/mysql
sudo rm -rf /usr/local/mysql*
sudo rm -rf /Library/StartupItems/MySQLCOM
sudo rm -rf /Library/PreferencePanes/My*
(Edit /etc/hostconfig) sudo vi /etc/hostconfig 
(Remove line MYSQLCOM=-YES)
sudo rm -rf /Library/Reciepts/mysql*
sudo rm -rf /Library/Reciepts/MySQL*
sudo rm -rf /var/db/receipts/com.mysql.mysql*

*the very last line is the hack

After executing these commands in terminal (which you can just copy and paste, hit return and go…), I would suggest restarting your mac. After reboot, MYSQL will be completely removed from your mac.

Hope you found this helpful and thanks to and for the inspiration. I tried to thank them on their blog but the entry was closed to posts. So, this is my thank you!

Do you get this message at startup?

So, here is my boring story behind it. I was re-installing MYSQL on my mac and just kept running into problem after problem. It would install but fail to execute. I navigate to the MYSQL preference pane and click Start MYSQL and nothing would happen. So, I was probably downloading the wrong versions of it from the website. I finally found an older version that I wanted to install, but the installer kept failing. Saying that there was a newer version of MYSQL on the computer and that it couldn’t continue.

I then enabled hidden files to show in finder, went into /usr/local/mysql and deleted everything there. Rebooted and got the same error on install. And I would keep getting a pop up at startup telling me that the MYSQL engine failed to start because I didn’t have sufficient permissions. This was getting real frustrating at this point. I had tried the first lines of code mentioned above that were what my search results were returning, but to no avail.

Somehow I managed upon, I forgot what my exact search query was. And there it was… the answer to it all. I added the egopoly line on to the end of the one I got off of, ran it in terminal as mentioned above. I went to install the earlier version of MYSQL again and SUCCESS! I really couldn’t believe it. So, hopefully this will help you and you will spend less time searching.

Please visit their site and feel free to comment here if you like.

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easy! in system preferences right click on PreformancPanes icon say remove! you are done! cheers!

Thanks Kyriakos… just updated. Sorry about the bad syntax.

Thank you very much!!! Very useful.
I would like to mention that there is an error in your commands.

The line:
sudo rm -rf /Library/PreformancPanes/My*

Should be:
sudo rm -rf /Library/PreferencePanes/My*

Thanks man this line made the trick!

sudo rm -rf /var/db/receipts/com.mysql.mysql*

worked for me!!!

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