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Stackoverflow and Censorship? Probably Self Loathing Moderators.

Stackoverflow and Censorship = Self Loathing Moderators

September 3rd, 2017


Welcome to the newest iteration of my blog. Much like Bitcoin, my blog had a “hard-fork” and I’ve split into two categories. This is in an effort to be able to discuss more than just website design and programming. You’ll notice the new design and stuff, still needs work as you can see. That’s beside the point, I’ll get to that over time.

I have added a “Rants and Musings” section to my blog because sometimes there are issues that need to be brought to the surface and, quite frankly, made fun of. Like my recent run in with a extreme narcissist moderator on Stackoverflow… A website I frequent and have been an active member of for many years now. Never before have I seen or experienced the swift and unmerciful censorship from the stackoverflow moderator community… until now.

Either way, in an effort to take back control of my own content (mainly from FB), I’ve decided to kind of… move in here for a while and hopefully make more posts? We’ll see.

Back to Stackoverflow…

I have some screenshots so you all can judge for yourselves, and I’m going to protect the identity of the moderator that censored me so they don’t cry or quit the interwebz or anything drastic like that. I mean, the crimes I committed here are atrocious in nature and swift and decisive action was definitely necessary in this case. So much so, this particular moderator went to a post I made 4 years ago and edited that as well.

All of this you ask? Why… what did you do that was so bad as to cause the stackoverflow mod(s) to take such action as to censor your questions and post replies? Well I’ll tell you… In fact, I’ll show you… LOL:
stackoverflow moderator struggles with remaining database space (joke)

So, lets take a closer look at this.

Side-note, I made this post yesterday… my questions were answered in about 10 minutes. Before my question was answered, it received a “down vote” (you’re not informed who votes up or down your posts). I’m guessing the down-vote came from this extremely concerned moderator who saw my actions here as needing swift and decisive censoring.

Anyhow, we have three or four VIOLATIONS of stackoverflow policy (police-y):

  • “Trim chat”
  • “Please Help Begging” — must go
  • “Fix case” (you know, grammar)
  • “Fix spellings” (you know, how to spell tech terms correctly, not necessarily English grammar)

Of course I’m “chatty”… LOL!

So, here’s where it gets funny. Look at what he changed (censored) from my actual post on stackoverflow. It’s just so LOL.
The Swift Hammer of StackOverflow

Everything in red was deleted by the stackoverflow moderator

This person clearly has a problem with the use of ellipses!

Does anyone see anything there worthy of being censored? Just curious… I mean, even at the end where I’m asking for help… isn’t that what stackoverflow is all about? As stated before, I’ve been on this website for years, never seen this type of activity, and really can’t help but laugh at this particular moderator and how much he/she must really have some underlying issues of a mental capacity to single me out in such a way.

What’s even more LOL is that this particular moderator went into a post I made from FOUR YEARS AGO and decided to do some censoring there as well. This all happened in a span of 10 minutes.


When you communicate on stackoverflow… you’re definitely subject to censorship (in an age where we’re all — quite frankly — sick of it), subject to a moderator’s ego and or narcissism that comes via proxy of being a forum moderator, and well, shitty attitudes even when you try to remain professional and respectful of the people you’re seeking help from.

The moderator clearly had no problem with the nature of the question (which is the purpose of the site), they had a problem with my poor grammar and I forgot to add a period somewhere. No edits made to the code snippets I posted… just the filler content that I typed — in a rush as usual. Super LOL!

I got the answer to my question — before the stackoverflow hammer of censorship came and swiftly made DRASTIC changes to my post — just to show me who’s boss. Well, I get it stackoverflow… I know who’s boss, it’s not me. But, ’round these parts… I am… and you should really check your moderators and have them check their ego’s at the door. The community itself is falling apart and has been for quite a while now. Moderators that act in this manner are probably one of the reasons why. Just saying.

I’ll drink a beer for the moderator that “punished” me (I’m such a bad boy!)… and continue to support the community. Not going to let one bad seed ruin the bunch, but wow… had to write about this one. Thanks for reading!!! I can get away with the “begging” on my own website. And grammar errors. I mean seriously stackoverflow… you guys worried about DB space or something? Every byte needs accounted for? LOL. Cheers!

LOL @ StackOverflow

Link to censored post: #StackOverReact
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Totally agree. Stackoverflow moderators are becoming little hitlers. This is probably a side affect of their having a monopoly. I had a post put on hold for asking two questions around thr same topic. Even after editing to reduce to a single question it wasn’t taken off hold. Gave up in the end and went back to PHP Freaks where I got my questions answered thoroughly in 20 minutes… not going to contribute to stack anymore.

    I don’t blame you at all. A lot of better sites — with more professional mods — have come to the surface. Stack used to be such a wealth of info, now it’s a military state.

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