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UFO Disclosure 2021 – Dr. Steven Greer

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April 10th, 2021


Dr. Steven Greer announces a special UFO Disclosure event to help spread the truth about UFO’s ahead of US Government planned UFO Disclosure announcement by the United States Government.

According to the video, Dr. Greer proclaims that the US government has…

deceptive plans, to use man-made UFOs to present an existential threat to the world. In other words: They want to set up a false flag operation that looks like (the movie) ‘War of the Worlds’ where the whole thing is being orchestrated by covert, man-made assets.”

When this live event takes place where Dr. Greer will attempt to warn about such a false flag operation. The plan is to have as many people on the web share this broadcast with the world. Anyone and everyone who has even the slightest interest in what’s going on here should take a few minutes and do so.
I will be and you’ll find it here on this website.

You can participate in Dr. Steven Greer’s UFO Disclosure webinar here, as well, you can support Dr. Greer in his fundraising efforts here.


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We must stop the mad Pentagon machine before it creates hate and mistrust from any ETs coming to Earth. Defund this useless building and it’s employees, it’s NOT needed

Avatar for Ben Kaminski

Mark Wolstencroft

I was in attendance at the seminar. In a nutshell I didn’t really take note of the ufo
Stories until I watched unacknowledged this film simply changed my life its bigger than aliens its. Dr greer is simply amazing I believe in him so much. Let alone the facts an evidence and witnesses who have come forward I find it unbelievable and made me realise how many of us are sleeping through a false reality. Wake up be enlightend.

I would like to tune in and participate in this live broadcast but has this live broadcast already taken place or is the one mentioned above and missed it?

    This live broadcast has taken place but the film release has not. The live broadcast was a fundraising event that helped him reach the goal of having a budget to make this last-minute film. While they don’t give a release date for the upcoming video, the deadline for the documents to be handed over to congress is 6/22/21 so I would imagine the release to come before that.

    On the CE5 website it’s put like this:

    ” However, the success of CE5 has provoked a number of troubling responses: Recent developments since the release of that film indicate that we are racing against the clock to thwart a hoaxed “alien invasion” that Dr. Greer has been warning us about for decades. In response to these disturbing developments, he is initiating production on an emergency documentary that will be released for free on platforms across the world.”

    I would follow this website closely.

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Michael Rodolico

I would like to help in the effort to disclose truth

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