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As promised in a previous blog post — Dr. Steven Greer has finally released the documentary titled “The Cosmic Hoax: An Exposé” just hours ago. This is the documentary we’ve all been waiting for disclosing the ufo secret that has been ongoing for almost a century. Please share this video far and wide across the […]

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The Plot Thickens: Elizondo vs Greer – UFO Disclosure 2021

Thursday, June 10th, 2021 by

In a strange turn of events, “ThirdPhaseMoon” on YouTube was able to obtain an exclusive interview with Luis Elizondo’s attorney, Daniel Sheehan and they discuss the differences between the two (Greer and Elizondo). While this video leaves much to the imagination — especially coming from an attorney who is pre-programmed to talk in double-speak — […]

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UFO Disclosure 2021 – Dr. Steven Greer

Saturday, April 10th, 2021 by

Dr. Steven Greer announces a special UFO Disclosure event to help spread the truth about UFO’s ahead of US Government planned UFO Disclosure announcement by the United States Government.   According to the video, Dr. Greer proclaims that the US government has… “deceptive plans, to use man-made UFOs to present an existential threat to the […]

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