Responsive “Leave A Comment” WordPress Form">

Responsive “Leave A Comment” WordPress Form

Nobody got time for that!
I searched for this for a few minutes and ended up figuring it out on my own. This will be real quick, I promise.

The premise is, as a responsive web developer you expect your forms to play nicely with the responsiveness of your website. Who wants a horizontal scroll on mobile because your form broke the responsiveness of WordPress?

Anyhow. Here’s the trick. Just some CSS here:

That there will make your “leave a reply”, “leave a comment”, “comment box”, etc responsive by using 100% width. It’s really that easy.

Hopefully this reference helps you. Let me know, I always appreciate comments!

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Boom goes the dynamite! 🙂

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Thank you..it worked for me !..grateful.

“Wow, what a time-saver! Your quick and straightforward solution to ensuring responsive forms on WordPress is much appreciated. No one wants to deal with a broken layout on mobile due to unresponsive forms. Thanks for sharing this handy CSS trick!”